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KLüb began as a dealer for major European Espresso Machines,

and became the first in Taiwan to import espresso machines. These imported machines changed the way Taiwanese people drink and make coffee. During this time, we took every machine sold seriously and maintained a good relationship with our customers by listening to them and providing excellent after-sales services.

Therefore, not only did we learn more about the espresso machine sales channel and market, but we also made a presence in the espresso machine world. Now espresso machines have become integral parts of our everyday lives.


KLüb is the first commercial Espresso machine manufacturer in Asia.

With its past experience as a dealer, KLüb gained experience and knowledge on sales, maintenance and development, which resulted in the company transition.

KLub is now a one-stop shop for machine design, research & development, manufacturing & training and after-sales service.


In 2001, KLüb opened its second office location in Shanghai,

with both Taipei and Shanghai locations working together to develop markets in China. KLüb rapidly gained notice and reputation in China, and became a well-known brand.

In 2002, KLüb received the CE Certification

In 2004, KLüb began to target markets outside of Taiwan and China

Innovative Development, Market Leader


KLüb created the world’s first Teapresso Machine and the Tea and Espresso Combo Machine. This new machine was certified by the ETL (US Electronics Safety Certification), ASME (Pressurized Equipment Certification), and CE (European Safety Certification).

KLüb machines are now sold globally to Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand.


A new revolution for drinks began after KLüb’s Tea and Espresso Combo Machine debut in the global market. This machine received the NSF (US Food Safety) Certification, multiple patents in various countries, and the 14th Annual Taiwan Excellence Award.

Numerous global restaurants and chain stores have added KLüb’s machines to their store planning to help them get one step closer to equipment standardization. In the following years, KLüb continued to receive recognition on its machine internal structures by gaining more certifications.

The Era of KLüb Teapresso Machines
Teapresso is not only a way to brew tea, but also an expression of Tea Drinking Culture


In 2007, the Bulk Tea Brewing Machine was introduced to the market, which marked the beginning of automation by standardizing each drink and making it healthy, while commercializing and expediting the drink-making process. This helps replace human labor and save operation costs.


In 2012, KLüb received the ISO9001 certification as well as KC (Korean appliance safety) certification, CCC (China Product Certification), which enabled it to sell machines all over the world. More and more companies began to work with KLüb.


In 2016, the Under Counter Teapresso and Espresso Machines were created. The Under Counter Concept made the machines not only aesthetically pleasing but also helpful for the coffee and tea shops to increase the interaction with customers.


Automatic operations and mimicking the hand brew coffee, the GB1 maintains the quality of coffee in a professional way.

Ancient meets Modern, East meets West


2019 has been a revolutionary year for KLüb as the fully automatic Teapresso machine was introduced with upgraded software, hardware and improved technology. This fully automatic machine can completely replace human labor and revolutionize the traditional ways of brewing tea.


In the future, KLüb will continue to lead and promote the tea drinking culture to the world. From tea materials, machine development to drinks menu creation, KLüb continues to grow. KLüb expects itself to be the world’s NO. 1 Teapresso Machine brand that represents quality.

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