Tea brewed manually has many controllable factors such as the person, temperature, and infusion time. With the Teapresso machine, you can standardize all these parameters so that each cup of tea brewed will taste the same. In addition, the Teapresso machine is energy saving and can be operated easily, which can help shops save on both labor and electricity costs. Injuries can also be avoided.

In most cases, the temperature and infusion time is what makes the teas taste different. Manually brewed tea can be hard to manage these two factors as each person has their own methods of brewing teas. Using our professional Teapresso machines with multiple patents, you can control the temperature and infusion times accurately. No matter what kind of tea you are brewing, the taste will be identical when using the Teapresso machine.

As the world’s first Teapresso manufacturer, KLub actively develops machines that can be used all over the world. Most, if not all machines, have the necessary certifications in your country. Some of the certifications our machines have include NSF, UL, CE, KC, CCC…etc.

The pressure and temperature needed to brew tea and coffee are different, so you may not use espresso machines to brew tea. If you do, the taste that you expect to have will not be met. The Teapresso Machines have multiple patents, which can precisely control the temperature, volume and time of infusion for the tea. The patented tea portafilter allows tea leaves to be fully extracted, making every cup an example of perfectly brewed Kung Fu Tea.

KLub is the leader of Teapresso machines. Every machine is made for the convenience of operation. KLub also has numerous patents and professional expertise that others in the same industry won’t be able to beat.

Clean the outside of the machine before turning on. After you brew each cup of tea or coffee, press the far right button (continuous water flow button) to clean the group head before brewing the next cup.

For coffee machines, it is important to clean the steam wand by turning on the steam to wash left over milk remnants. After cleaning, make sure to use a clean wet cloth to clean the sprayer. If there is still milk left over, turn on the steam for a longer time until it is clean. Other daily cleaning includes taking down and cleaning the drain pan and soaking the dissembled portafilter in hot water and cleaning powder. Lastly, make sure to change the filters in water filters regularly to maintain water with good quality.

Water contains calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and calcium sulfate. When used a long time without water filters, these solids can remain inside the boilers of both coffee and Teapresso machines, which will not only clog the tubes but also affect the taste of your beverage. When water can’t flow through the machine smoothly or when heating becomes slow, make sure to clean the remnants immediately.

In Taiwan, besides installing the water softener filter, we also recommend using a three tube water filtration system (fiber filter, active carbon and soft water filters). This is to ensure that the remnants inside the boiler won’t cause any long term problems.

We know that water quality, temperature and pressure etc will affect the taste and quality of tea and coffee. When using the pressurized water bucket, water flow will be consistent and stable, which can prevent inconsistent water flow when volume increases.

Fully automatic machines are suitable for small breakfast diners, drink shops, lounges, reception and home-use. If people are constantly changing and simple operations are needed, then a fully automatic machine is preferred.

Semi-automatic machines are suitable for coffee shops, as a professional barista is needed to operate the machine properly. With each barista, the coffee will taste slightly different; this is suitable especially for high-end restaurants and coffee shops.

The espresso machine itself is only responsible for extracting the espresso; milk frothing and other add-ons are all up to the barista. There are many brands out there, choose the one that has good after-sales service, training, maintenance and product demonstration services, such as KLub. If you are in Taiwan, choose from a local manufacturer like us to ensure that your machine will be well-taken care of.


The boiler determines the temperature of the espresso machine. If the required temperature isn’t met, it will not only impact the extraction of coffee, but also the quality and taste. The boilers are normally made out of brass or stainless steel to ensure that heat is well and evenly conducted.

2、Group Head:

The temperature of the boiler will help heat up the group head, which also helps with temperature stability. For home use it is usually a single group head, while commercial use is two group head.

3、PID System:

PID System is a necessary function for semi-automatic espresso machines. The PID will detect and show the temperature inside the espresso machine, which can precisely control the temperature needed to brew coffee. The quality of coffee can be stabilized when the temperature is consistent.


The pressure and temperature will both affect the quality of coffee. Other things to note include the number of steam sprayers. The more steam sprayers there are, the better milk frothing will be. Also, the standard cup size of the portafilter should be 58mm.

You can pick a machine to your liking; for home use, you can pick a fully automatic espresso machine. The downside of it is that it’s usually smaller in volume, which is not suitable for many people to use at a time. The benefit however is that it is easy to use and can meet most people’s needs. For commercial purposes, the semi-automatic machine is recommended.

During the manufacturing process, KLub takes every step of it seriously, making sure that every procedure and every part is made to standard. From an operation standpoint, KLub uses easy to understand and operate features such as icons and buttons to make operation easy. If you are in Taiwan, we provide professional training to all our customers, so that they can fully understand how to operate, maintain and trouble shoot the machines. Under normal circumstances, the machine can last over 10 years.

In addition, we are the first in the world dedicated to the manufacturing of Teapresso machines, from the design, technology, development to manufacturing, everything is centered on tea. Combining the methods of Kung Fu Tea and a trendy appearance, the Teapresso machines are suitable for different shop interiors. Whether you want to brew cup by cup, pot by pot or tank by tank, we have what you are looking for!

Besides Taiwan, in which we have in-house technicians, we have partners around the world for after-sales services. If not, we can also use video chat and other forms of communication to understand and resolve any issues you may have. No matter where you are, we have you covered.

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