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A Tea Blending Professional is knowledgeable in tea studies, food science and agriculture. Combining with his sharp senses, he is able to perform the art of tea blending. Great tea blending takes into account the tea’s natural flavor, scent and after-taste, creating different layers of flavors that linger in your mouth. At KLub, our tea blending professionals continue to create and blend the most incredible tea bases for our clients.

The Art of Tea and Aroma Blending:

Tea and its aroma change due to both natural and artificial causes. The tea blending professional is like an old master; he will observe the tea’s shape, color and test its fragrance and taste. He will then use the differences in teas to complement each, creating a unique taste.

The Origin of Tea Blending

As tea grows, numerous factors will impact its taste, including sunshine, weather, water quality and pests. By using blending, not only can you create a unique taste, but also a visually pleasing tea. In addition, using grounded tea to blend does not mean blending inferior teas together. It is actually blending different high quality teas together, combining the characteristics of each tea and creating a naturally different kind of delicacy.

Tea Art and Teapresso Machine Duo

The best way to brew tea is to use KLub’s Teapresso Machine to brew blended teas. The Teapresso machine changes the way tea is brewed and helps stabilize the quality of each cup. There are endless types of beverages that can be made when you combine blended tea with Teapresso machines.

Unique Tea Blending Recipe

Blended tea changes the way we view traditional tea making. It gives the teas its unique characteristics and tastes, leaving a great after-taste in everyone’s mouth.

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