KLüb’s Teapresso with Quick raw materials to achieve the effect of 1+1>2


Autumn is the right season for drinking tea as drinking tea is the best way to cleanse the stomach every day.

However, modern people consume too much unnecessary sugar in their daily hand-shaken drinks, which in turn burdens the body.

In response to the huge market for tea drinks, KLüb’s Teapresso is honored to cooperate with the Tea Research and Extension Station, MOA to jointly created a new technology for tea drinks, using improved quick extraction raw materials together with innovative teapresso machine developed by KLüb to achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

The high temperature and pressure of the machine makes the extraction time twice as fast as the traditional brewing method, which makes the catechins and theanine 3 times and 2 times higher than the traditional raw materials respectively, and the content of reducing sugar is also 3 times higher than traditional ones. These changes not only make the tea more refreshing, but also make it mellow, with a sweet aftertaste, and delicious without adding sugar, returning to the healthy and refreshing nature of tea.

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